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Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:


Example #1:

 A group of 50 students and chaperones from a high school in Aurora are planning an educational field trip to visit colleges around the state. To make the trip easy and keep the group together, they decide to rent a charter bus. For a 56 passenger bus to take them on the 2 day trip, stopping at 5 different universities, the total quote comes out to $2,100. This covers the bus rental, the driver’s services, fuel, and taxes/fees. It breaks down to around $42 per person for the comprehensive transportation. The school finds this very reasonable compared to everyone driving separately or flying. The charter bus allows the students to relax and socialize during the trip, while the chaperones can easily keep track of everyone. Renting their own bus gives them flexibility on the schedule and route as well. The charter bus company also handles parking arrangements at each university. Overall, a charter bus rental simplifies the college tour and makes it an enjoyable, educational experience for the students.


Example #2:

A regional manager at a large tech company is planning an offsite team building event in Aurora for her top sales reps. She wants to arrange transportation to take the group of 20 employees from their office to a local escape room, followed by dinner at a nice restaurant downtown. To keep the team together and make travel easy, she decides to book a 25 passenger charter bus for a 5 hour rental. The bus picks the group up at 4pm on a Thursday afternoon. They spend an hour at the escape room, then the bus drops them off at the restaurant for a 7pm dinner reservation. After dinner, the bus returns everyone to the office by 9pm. For the 5 hour midweek rental during peak season, the total cost comes to $950. The manager adds an 18% tip for excellent service, bringing the grand total to $1,121. This comes out to just $56 per person – a small price to pay for a fun team bonding experience with no logistical headaches.


Example #3:

 A youth football team from Aurora is traveling to Colorado Springs for a weekend tournament. With 25 players and coaches needing transportation, they decide to rent a 30-passenger charter bus for the trip. The total distance is about 70 miles each way. Since it’s peak summer season, the rate for their Friday-Sunday rental comes out to $120 per hour. They need the bus for 8 hours on Friday for the drive down and back, then another 8 hours on Saturday for transportation between games. That’s a total of 16 hours at $120 per hour, making their total quote $1,920 not including taxes and fees. While not cheap, sharing the cost between everyone makes the charter bus an affordable and convenient option for keeping the team together. The coaches also plan to tip the driver 10% at the end of the trip to show their appreciation for providing safe and timely transportation.


Example #4:

A local youth basketball team in Aurora is looking to arrange transportation for an away game tournament in Colorado Springs. The team has 12 players plus coaches and parents, totaling 22 passengers. They decide to book a minibus charter for the round trip from Aurora to Colorado Springs. The total trip is 140 miles round trip and takes about 5 hours including stops. They rent the minibus for 8 hours to be safe. At our standard rate of $150 per hour plus $2 per mile, the total quote comes out to $1,980. The youth team is able to comfortably travel together for their tournament and the parents don’t have to worry about driving separately. They appreciate the convenience and reliability of booking with our charter bus company. With professional drivers and newer model vehicles, they know their kids will be safe and have a great time on the road.


Example #5:

A couple planning their dream wedding in Aurora wanted to provide premium transportation for their guests. They booked one of our luxury 56 passenger charter buses to shuttle guests between the ceremony at the historic McNichols Civic Center Building and the reception at the elegant Glenmoor Country Club. The charter bus rental cost $165 per hour and was booked for 6 hours to accommodate the entire event from 2PM to 8PM. With optional extras like complimentary champagne to celebrate and LED video screens entertaining guests en route, the total came to $1,110. For 80 wedding guests, this worked out to around $14 per person – a small price to pay for safe, convenient and luxurious travel on their special day. With experienced and professional drivers, our charter buses ensure every wedding runs smoothly. Contact us today to receive a custom quote for your big event transportation needs.

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